BC Communities Capacity Building Program

BC Communities Capacity Building

Free to BC Not for Profits and School Districts!

Autism Demystification® Online Course provides participants with the knowledge, tools and techniques to implement the Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification® Puppet Program curriculum with children aged 3 through 11. And works to address the needs of rural communities throughout BC by providing the training and tools to implement our Autism Demystification® Programs with children ages 3 to 11.

Participants will receive 14-day access to this self-directed, interactive online course that includes the following learning modules: Module 1: Introduction, Module 2: About the Society, Module 3: Guiding Principles, Module 4: What Does it Feel Like to Have Autism?, Module 5: Implementing the Program, Module 6: Wrap Up

Upon completion of the course, participants have access to a digital copy of the packaged curriculum including the puppet play video entitled “You Don’t Know, Jack”, a course manual, and a children’s colouring storybook adapted from the puppet play, as well as downloadable support materials.

You Don't Know, Jack Puppet Play Video

Puppet Play Video

ADP Online Course Manual

Course Manual

You Don't Know, Jack Story Colouring Book

Story Colouring Book

Seven Friendship Tips Poster

Printable Materials

Participants also receive a certificate of completion and are invited to join our social media follow-up support group where they may post questions and share stories with other participants and the model creator.

Organizations wishing to participate in the program free of charge must be a BC registered Not for Profit Organization, School or School District. 

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For information on whether your organization would qualify for this online course please contact our office. 

This is a BC initiative only. Organizations from outside of BC please see our Autism Demystification Online Course page.