F2F-IPG program fees too high – take a closer look!

F2F-IPG program fees too high – take a closer look!

Recently we have heard gossip that our services fees are “too high”.  And, if you just look at the fee and do not research the actual program, it might look like the fees are high on the surface. We encourage you to “look closer” because….

  1. There are 72 hours of a Master Guide’s (Master Guide is the equivalent to a Behaviour Consultant or higher) time for each Integrated Play Groups (IPG) program. All F2F Master Guides hold a master’s degree (or are working towards) in Speech and language, Occupational Therapy, Psychology or Special Education. They run every program – they are not just consultants they are hands on with the children.
  2. There are 40-45 hours of a Play Guide’s (Play Guide is the equivalent of a Behavioural Interventionist) time for each IPG program. All Play Guides have undergraduate or graduate degrees in related fields as well.
  3. There are 18-25 hours of the director’s (my time) for every IPG program. I am the only IPG supervisor (meaning I am permitted to train others) in the world outside of Dr. Wolfberg. And, Friend 2 Friend is the only organization in Canada endorsed by Dr. Wolfberg to deliver the IPG model.
  4. The Friend 2 Friend – Integrated Play Groups (F2F-IPG) program is individually designed to meet the child’s needs. We do 8 weeks of assessment (no extra charge).
  5. The F2F-IPG program includes a full written report with goals and strategies (no extra charge).
  6. The F2F-IPG program includes written session notes after every play group session.
  7. All materials used (Social Stories™, visual schedules, Autism Demystification Packaged Programs, etc.) are provide to the family (no extra charge).
  8. The F2F-IPG program includes a 90-minute parent training session (no extract charge).
  9. The F2F-IPG program includes monthly parent support groups (no extra charge).
  10. There is no extra charge for any materials used as part of the program – have you seen the Play Centre – it’s amazing!
  11. Each IPG consists of 1 or 2 novice players (no more then 2 children with autism or related needs) and 2-3 expert players (typically developing peers and siblings).
  12. Expert players attend completely free of charge.
  13. The programs are 1 hour long. However, we extend the time if we feel the children can do it, up to a 90-minute session (no extra charge).
  14. If a family comes to us with no autism funding, or are waiting on funding and wants our services, we provide them a program completely free of charge.
  15. AND, for families who have exhausted their autism funding, we reduce our rates and or provide free programs whenever we can.
  16. If a family whose child is participating in the F2F-IPG requests extra services, we often provide those completely free of charge as well (IEP meetings, team meetings, video tape, extra reporting, etc.).

One single F2F-IPG program costs the Society just under $12,000. We ask families to contribute $1,800 of that (if they have the funding to do so).

Talk to a parent whose child is currently participating in a Friend 2 Friend – Integrated Play Groups program or read the testimonials on our website.

And finally, I am a mother of three children and my son has autism – I do this for the children and their families not for the $$.

Take a closer look by attending our upcoming IPG conference and help out a great cause!



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