Team Autism Rides in Test of Metal

Team Autism Rides in Test of Metal

IMG_1030“It’s that last year for the Test.  This year will be the second annual race for "Team Autism” who are riding with me for the last and final Test of Metal.  Our team will race and raise funds to assist Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society with all the fabulous work they do. My son lives with autism and Friend 2 Friend has been fantastic for my son as he’s grown to be a 12 year old boy. They have been key in helping my son to be accepted as a peer in his class and developing friends he will hopefully have for the rest of his life.  As always funding is key and the need seems to be growing so please join me and my team Darin, Chris, Lisa and Michelle for the Test by donating through the link below!!"  John Taylor BC Paren



Thanks to the following generous donars:
Leann Finlay
Charlene Krepiakevich 
Diane Franceschini
Heather McCracken
Sandra Doyle
Pamela Cheal
Andrea James
John Taylor
Christine Little/
Carol Peters
Teresa Ehman
Kim Branch
Robert Buchanan
Barbara Musselman
Catherine Branch
Mucky Dog Web Projects
Lisa Welbourn
Phil von Massow
Jason Weinman

Carly Savard

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