United Way School’s Out Friend 2 Friend Society Program

Thanks to the generosity of the United Way Lower Mainland, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society offers our new United Way School’s Out Friend 2 Friend Society Program starting September 2017.

United Way School’s Out Friend 2 Friend Society Program

brings together children with autism (novice players) with their typically developing peers (expert players) ages 6 to 12 in the true spirit of play and friendships. The program focuses on enhancing the children’s, social, communication, emotional regulation and peer play needs, while fostering mutual friendships.

Under the guidance of highly trained professionals, children with autism, their peers, siblings and their families receive the specialized supports needed to build self-confidence and social inclusion while at the same time reduce anxiety and bullying.

Program Details Combining three evidence-based models: the award winning Integrated Play Groups®, Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification® and SCERTS® models, United Way School’s Out Friend 2 Friend Society Program offers unique peer play intervention programs. The program provides detailed assessment reports including weekly session notes, an interim and final report, and free Autism Demystification® programs to the schools and other community settings. The program also offers free parenting training, parent consultations and support.

Registration Information

East Vancouver Play CentreTimesAgesFees (Novice Players) Novice Player Spaces Expert Player Spaces
Tuesdays3:30-5:006-12Sorry Program FullFullFull
Wednesdays3:30-5:006-12Sept to June 2018Full1 space
Thursdays3:30-5:006-12Sept to June 2018Full1 space
New Westminster Play CentreTimesAgesDates Novice Player SpacesExpert Player Spaces
Mondays3:30-5:006-12Sept to June 2018Full1 space
Tuesdays3:30-5:006-12Sept to June 2018FullFull
Wednesdays3:30-5:006-12Sept to June 20181 Space1 space
Thursdays3:30-5:006-12Sorry Program Full1 SpaceFull

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