Virtual Reality Autism Demystification®

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification® enables users to ‘feel’ and empathize with individuals on the autism spectrum, while at the same time learn prosocial communication strategies to enhance social inclusion, peer social interactions, and reduce bullying and isolation. A multi-sensory, virtual reality experience designed for peers, parents and professionals. The program focuses on addressing the social challenges individuals with autism face in our schools and community settings.

With a decade and a half experience in designing and delivery state of the Autism Demystification Programs, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society and our partners Autism Speaks Canada,  Archiact and Ziva Dynamics are well placed to take this logical next step into Virtual Reality.

Since 2002, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society has delivered our groundbreaking Autism Demystification® Programs to more than 250,000 children and adults throughout BC and countless more through our satellite partners and publications. With the creation of the Virtual Reality Autism Demystification® Program, the Society illustrates once again that we are the world’s leading innovator in designing evidence-based, educational programs that bring together individuals with autism, their peers, siblings and classmates in the true spirit of play and friendships.