Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Program

 Ritual Reality Autism DemystificationVirtual Reality Autism Demystification Programs

 Changing the Game for Children with Autism and their Peers

Since 2002, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society has delivered our ground breaking Autism Demystification® programs to more than 250,000 children and adults. Leveraging our 15+ years of experience, Friend 2 Friend is creating a multi-platform Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Programs that provides an experiential learning opportunity.

The Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Programs specifically targets the sensory experiences of what it feels like to have autism, while at the same time teaches prosocial communication strategies to enhance social interactions and friendships. The programs will have a significant impact on the individuals served. The programs promote understanding, acceptance and empathy. They will increase social interactions, play and friendships between individuals with autism and their peers.

The Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Programs represents a significant step forward. The programs provide a powerful learning experience that allows the Society to serve thousands more individuals globally.

The programs offer a virtual foundation for developing friends. They are a multi-sensory experience that provides a visceral reaction to carefully targeted stimuli. Enabling participants to ‘feel’ and empathize with their peers, classmates and siblings on the autism spectrum.  The game includes a series of activities that model, label, explain and normalize characteristics of autism. It also teaches prosocial communication strategies. The activities and strategies in these programs work together to demystifying the participants. This program is the first of its kind to target the development of social inclusion and friends for individuals with autism.

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