Virtual Reality Autism Demystification® Program (VRADP)

Since 2002, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society has delivered our groundbreaking Autism Demystification Programs to more than 250,000 children and adults throughout BC, and countless more through our satellite partners and publications worldwide.

In Aug 2018, we completed our Virtual Reality Autism Demystification demo. With the support of Autism Speaks Canada and Archiact, we have created a VR experience based on our real-life Autism Demystification Simulation Game.

Like its real-life counterpart, the new Virtual Reality Autism Demystification demo uses the Friend 2 Friend evidence-based Autism Demystification model to create a multi-sensory VR experience.

The experience takes place in a classroom where the user is challenged to complete a spelling test while being bombarded by sensory stimuli.

The user may choose to put on our simulation glasses during the experience. Once the glasses are on, the user’s perspective shifts to one of an individual with autism in the same classroom taking the same spelling test.

The demo focuses on highlighting the sensory and social-communication challenges individuals with autism face at school, thus supporting the user to understand what it may feel like to have autism. The demo experience illustrates the importance of understanding, acceptance, and empathy in aiding social inclusion and the development of friendships as well as the reduction of bullying and isolation.

The message: We are all different in our own way. We all want to be understood and accepted for who we are and we all want friends.

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