We Take Play Seriously.

We All Need Friends!

Founded in 2002, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society creates and delivers programs and services that focus on addressing the social inclusion and friendship needs of neurodiverse children and their peers.


Our Commitment

Evidence-based programs that bring together neurodiverse children and their peers in the true spirit of play and friendship.


Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society is committed to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. We acknowledge and respect that our programs, services, and community facilities are on the traditional territory of Indigenous Peoples. 

Our Mission

To enhance reciprocal social, communication, imaginative play and friendships between autistic children and their peers.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable programs and services that foster an understanding of autism and to support our community to embrace neurodiversity.

Our Values

To create and deliver universally accessible programs and services that embrace diversity using evidence-based, fun and educational approaches.

Help children with autism make friends!

"Peers are a necessity not a luxury in human development." ( W. W. Hartup)


Whats New

Coming Fall 2023, Are You My New Friend? is a new Autism Demystification puppet play, story book and more.
Changing the Game for Individuals with Autism and Their Peers “You need to go and try that out.” said James Jacobs, CEO of Ziva Dynamics and a father of a child on the autism spectrum. James was referring to a virtual reality (VR) experience he had just demoed at a conference. Unbeknownst to James, this statement […]
Raising Children with Autism: Demystifying Classmates, Neighbours, Family and Friends The autism community has changed in a great number of ways over the past 23 years (the age of my son). For example, when Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society started delivering our first Autism Demystification program in 2002 we were not “permitted” to use the […]