Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old

Peers are a Necessity Not a Luxury for Children with Autism

Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old

This week I watched the memorized faces of four of our players as they watched our new, “You Don’t Know, Jack” Autism Demystification® puppet play video. The experience reminded me once again that Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old.

“You Don’t Know, Jack” is the latest in our Autism Demystification® Puppet Programs. We just finished filming it a couple of weeks ago and it is currently in post-production. We wanted to “preview” it with this group because we knew these players have been keen to see it. Therefore, we decided to show it to them as a special treat during last 20-minutes of the last day of the Spring Break Integrated Play Groups® program.

These four players are what you might called experienced. In fact, two of them have been attending our Play Centre programs for several years. They have seen all our previous puppet plays live and on video. And are I would call ‘experts’ in our Autism Demystification® Puppet Programs [That’s What’s Different About Me and Can I Play Too?].

Even with all their experience, the new puppet play video was captivating for them. With popcorn in hand, I watched as they prepared for the puppet play finding comfortable spots on the crash mat. They sat together as a group not making a sound as they stared at the screen watching the video.

It was what came after the video that excited me the most. During the Pass the Puppet Circle, these four children taught us what being a good friend truly means.

This experience demonstrated once again, that even for experienced players, Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old!

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