Autism Demystification® Programs

Autism Demystification Programs

are evidence-based, social-emotional educational programs designed for children and youths (ages 3-18) as well as adults. The Autism Demystification Programs focus on changing perspective, while at the same time teaching prosocial communication strategies to enhance peer social interactions and to reduce bullying and feelings of isolation.

Unlike “awareness” activities that identify and label individuals with autism, singling them out and creating an “us and them” culture, the Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification Programs NEVER single out or identify. Instead, the programs work to foster an understanding that we all have different kinds of minds and to teach prosocial communication strategies to peers, siblings, parents, and professionals.

Autism Demystification Puppet Program

Autism Demystification Puppet Program

Autism Demystification Simulation Game

Autism Demystification Programs 2

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification

Autism Demystification Online Course

Autism Demystification® Online Course copy

Created by Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society, our one-of-a-kind Autism Demystification Programs have been tested for more than 15 years with tens of thousands of children and adults participating in the programs throughout BC and countless more worldwide through our satellite partners and publications.  The Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification programs use a variety of engaging mediums and platforms to support the social, emotional and friendships needs of individuals with autism in the true spirit of play and friendships.

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