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Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society Autism Demystification Course

Puppet Program Overview

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society has taken measures to reduce the transmission of the virus by suspending the delivery of our in-personal Autism Demystification® Puppet Programs for children.

We now offer children ages 3 through 10 our new Online Autism Demystification® program.

Online Autism Demystification® Puppet Program

The Online Autism Demystification® Puppet Program meets the Ministry of Education’s BC Physical and Health Education curriculum. This evidence-based, educational program works to support student’s understanding of neurodiversity to enhance social responsibility and inclusion as well as teach prosocial communication skills.

In particular, the Online Autism Demystification® Puppet Program supports students to:

  • develop an understanding of the many aspects of well-being, mental, and social interactions by supporting students to understand neurodiversity and how they and others learn differently,
  • develop knowledge, skills, and strategies for building respectful relationships, positive self-identity, self-determination, and mental well-being by teaching children prosocial strategies,
  • demonstrate the skills, and strategies needed to make informed decisions that support personal and community health and safety by supporting students to use prosocial communication strategies in everyday life.

Our Online Autism Demystification® Puppet Program offers the following resources:

Two Puppet Play Videos

Downloadable Materials

Educator’s / Parent’s Handbook

Can I Play Too? Children’s Colouring and Story Book

You Don’t Know, Jack Children’s Colouring and Story Book

Other downloadable materials

Parents, educators or other professionals may register to gain access to the self-directed Online Autism Demystification® Puppet Program. 

The Society offers this online service by donation. Each access is for a 24-hour period. Donations may be made online.

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