Autism Demystification® Simulation Game Program


program was created to promote understanding, acceptance, and empathy between children with autism and their peers and siblings. This evidence-based program uses a systematic approach to educate both individuals with autism and their peer groups, and teach prosocial communication strategies to enhance peer social inclusion, play, and friendships.

Unlike “awareness” activities that identify and label individuals with autism creating an “us and them” atmosphere, the Autism Demystification Simulation Game program NEVER single out or identifies any one individual on the autism spectrum. Instead, the program focus on fostering an understanding that we are all different in our own way and on teaching prosocial communication strategies to enhance peer social interactions, reducing feelings of isolation and reducing bullying.

Our Autism Demystification® programs are evidence-based and kid tested for more than 15 years worldwide.

Autism Demystification Simulation Game program guides visit schools and other inclusive community settings to deliver this unique and innovative 45-60 minute program to students ages 11-18 (grade 4-12). The program consists of six learning opportunities as well as, pre-program materials and educational follow up educational.

Booking Information: Cost for programs is $200 per program (2 classes or 50-60 children per program). The program takes approximately 45-minutes. The team will require a room to present in usually a library, music room, an empty classroom or portable is best.  Before registering for the programs please review the educator’s handbook provided.

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