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Autism Play Centre


The Autism Play Centre offers programs that combine the award-winning Integrated Play Groups®, Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification®, and SCERTS® models. These comprehensive programs are inclusive peer play, educational programs that focus on developing the social, communication, and peer play competencies of all the children participating.

About the Autism Play Centre

The Autism Play Centre offers small, stable groups of children ages 5 to 10 that meet regularly under the guidance of highly trained professionals to play and make friends. Each group consists of no more than three children.

Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Program

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our in Play Centre programs are temporarily on hold. In their place, we are offering our Online Play Groups programs.

Unbox & Play Online Play Groups program for children ages 6 to 10.

Role Play Group (RPG) Online Play Groups for children ages 11 to 14.


Like all Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society’s programs, our Play Centre and Online Play Groups programs are comprehensive programs that focus on the development of the social, communication, and peer play competencies of all the children participating. The Society provides the following services (all included in the fee):

Pre-Program Services

  • Online Family Course
  • Program Coordinator intake phone call
  • Registration supports as required
  • Virtual Transition Visit
  • Administrative services (forms, payments, etc.) Families may use Autism Funding or Distance Learning Funding.
  • Individualized program design and planning

In Program Services

  • Sixteen 60 to 90-minute sessions (length of the sessions depends on age of the children participating)
  • Small stable groups of no more than three children in each group.
  • 2 hours per session of programs design, planning, team meetings, and data collection
  • Affinity-based materials and visual preparations
  • Highly trained consistent professional team (1 Master Guide/Program Coordinator, 1 Play Guide)
  • Weekly session notes and data collection
  • Weekly emails with updates
  • All materials purchases, mailing, handouts, etc.
  • All visuals designed and created
  • Written interim report with individualized goals
  • Re-registration consultation (upon request)

Other Services Offered by the Society (fees apply)

Registration Steps

Step 1

Take our FREE Online Family Training

Step 2

Read the Parent Handbook
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Step 3

Speak with our Intake Coordinator
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Step 4

Register your child.
Our Intake Coordinator will provide you with an online registration link.

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Play Programs

The Society offers our unique Play Groups programs for children with and without autism ages 5 through 15.

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