Autism Speaks Canada Teams Up with Vancouver Charity to “Change the Game” With Innovative Virtual Reality Program

March 8, 2018 lg-admin

Vancouver, BC – Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society announces a grant from Autism Speaks Canada to create a new Virtual Reality Autism Demystification® Program.

Autism Speaks Canada is proud to support the Virtual Reality Autism Demystification demonstration, which reflects an innovative use of technology to support acceptance and inclusion of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. We are pleased to be supporting the development of such a critical tool and applaud the partners in their collaborative model of working together to support the community. Our Family Services Community Grants program supports community-based organizations serving the autism community. We are excited about the broad impact this project will have for all communities.” Jill Farber, Executive Director Autism Speaks Canada

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification® Program (VRADP) is a multi-level VR educational game enabling peers, parents and professionals to enjoy a simulated interactive game experience of “what it feels like” to have autism. The game focuses on building empathy, differing perspectives, while at the same time building real-life prosocial skills to enhance peer social interactions and to reduce bullying and feelings of isolation. This state of the art learning tool aims to build empathy, understanding and acceptance towards individuals with autism, throughout Canada and abroad.

“We are truly grateful to Autism Speaks Canada for their support in creating our new Virtual Reality Autism Demystification® Program”, states founder and Executive Director Heather McCracken. “This highly innovative project leverages the state-of-the-art VR platform to support the social, emotional and friendship needs of individuals with autism and their peers in the true spirit of play and friendships.”

Friend 2 Friend is a non-government funded, not-for-profit charity based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. They are the world’s leading innovator in creating unique programs designed to bring together children with autism with their peers. Since its founding in 2002, the Society has provided their real-world Autism Demystification programs to over 250,000 BC children and adults and countless more through their satellite partners and publications.