BC Capacity Building Program

Build your skills for fostering social inclusion, peer play, and friendships between children with autism and their peers throughout BC.

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Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society Satellite Partnership Program
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society

Course Information

Program Overview

BC Communities Capacity Program is a professional development program offered to British Columbia schools, school districts, and not for profit organizations.

A “train the trainer”  program providing participants with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and materials to implement our Autism Demystification® programs with the children and youths they serve in their communities.

Program Details

There are two options for participation in training, they are:

Option 1. Online 

Organizations yearly may apply for up to five individuals from their organization or school to take our Autism Demystification Online Course free of charge. The Society fundraises to provide this service to not for profits, schools and school districts completely. To register for our Autism Demystification Online Course please click here.

Option 2. In-Person 

Organizations apply for the programs creator to provide in-person training (one or two days) to larger groups. Hosting organizations are responsible for the cost associated with hosting the training and all travel expense of the presenter. If your organization is a BC not for profit or school district interested in hosting a one or two-day seminar please contact our office.

Learning Objectives

The learning objective of the BC Communities Capacity Building program is to provide participants with the tools and techniques to prepare them to implement the Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification® programs with children they serve in their community. 

  1. Build insight and empathy towards individuals with autism,
  2. Build understanding the key elements for successful program delivery,
  3. Build capacity by preparing participants to deliver the program to achieve maximum benefit, applying the guiding principles of the model and Society.

Registration Information

Each year, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society fundraises to offer British Columbia not for profit organizations/school districts access to our Autism Demystification® online course at subsidized rates. The Society offers organizations within BC the following options:

Online Course
Organizations may choose to participate in the program via our Autism Demystification Online Course. Organizations may register up to 5 participants for subsided rates. For more information on this course please see Autism Demystification Online Course.

To register Click Here


Live Seminar

Organizations may choose to participate in the program by hosting a live seminar in their community. Organizations are responsible for hosting the seminar, and all travel expenses for the presenter. Click Here for More Information (mailto:friend2friend@shaw.ca)

Learning Programs

 The Society provides a variety of seminars, conferences, professional development, and online courses. All learning opportunities focus on supporting social inclusion, peer play and friendships between children with autism and their peers.

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