Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old

March 22, 2017 lg-admin

This week I watched the memorized faces of four of our players as they watched our new, “You Don’t Know, Jack” Autism Demystification® puppet play video. The experience reminded me once again that Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old. “You Don’t Know, Jack” is the latest in our Autism Demystification® Puppet Programs. We just finished filming it […]


Virtual Reality the Key to Friendships for Children with Autism

March 8, 2017 lg-admin

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Programs Changing the Game for children with autism and their peers. 18 months ago, I traveled to Seattle WA to visit Valve. Valve is a company that develops gaming software. I was fortunate enough to be invited to try out the Vive, at that time a new Virtual Reality system. I […]


Pencil Tapping, An Inclusive Activity Thinking Beyond the ABC’s Behaviour

February 20, 2017 lg-admin

Pencil Tapping, An Inclusive Activity Thinking Beyond the ABC’s Behaviour   I recently provided a full day seminar to a small group of school based professionals. During questions and answers, one of the educators asked me how I would suggest they handle the following situation: “A boy with autism in the 5th grade is sitting […]


The Recess Jungle

February 14, 2017 lg-admin

Recess Jungle : How it Impacts the Lives of Children with Autism Sarah runs up to a child on the playground at recess time. She pushes the child and runs away looking back at the child while giggling. The child immediately tells the supervising education assistant (EA) that Sarah has pushed him. The EA knows […]


What’s My Number? Teaching Regulation Strategies to Children with Autism

February 8, 2017 lg-admin

Regardless of whether you are crying or laughing, if you cannot control your emotional state, then you are dysregulated. From time to time most of us need a little help staying well regulated. Sometimes we need a walk, a hug, to yell, scream, cry, or even talk to a trusted friend. Individuals on the autism […]


Where did you get those boots? Modeling Social Inclusion for Children with Autism

January 31, 2017 lg-admin

While delivering our Simulation Game program one day, two adults sat together chatting while frequently reminding the students to “be quiet”.  After the program, one of the ladies came up to me saying, “Heather, can I ask you one question?” Following the program questions are typically about the program, therefore I turned to the lady and said, […]


Raising Children With Autism: “Don’t want friends”

January 23, 2017 lg-admin

While delivering our Autism Demystification programs at a local school, a wonderful grade four student on the autism spectrum said, “Don’t want friends”. During recess, I watched as this same child walked around the playground beside the EA (education assistant). While his same aged peers were completely engaged in peer social play, he stayed close […]


Facing the Crowd: Bullied Parents of Children with Autism

January 17, 2017 lg-admin

Facing the Crowd Six Strategies to Help the Bullied Parents Bullying, regardless of its form, usually stems from a lack of understanding, acceptance and empathy. As parents of children with autism, we worry about our children being bullied. We protect them from it in every way possible. However, as parents of children with autism we […]


Play Groups and Pineapples

January 10, 2017 lg-admin

It is the first week back at play groups at the Friend 2 Friend Play Centre for children with autism after the holiday break. The play theme this week is space. A highly motivating theme that is very versatile, becoming almost anything that the players imagine it to be. This flexible play theme is especially important on […]


Raising Children with Autism: Affinity Based Peer Play

December 14, 2016 lg-admin

Raising Children with Autism: The importance of Affinity Based Peer Play Activities Does your child like trains, animated videos, Angry Birds, Dora, Star Wars, Frozen, toilets flushing, plane propellers? While some of these affinities may be considered to be conventional, others may not. Regardless of your child’s affinity, using those affinities to bridge the gap […]


Raising Children with Autism – Necessity, are Mothers of a Children On the Autism Spectrum

November 23, 2016 lg-admin

Necessity, are Mothers of a Children On the Autism Spectrum I will never forget the moment my child was diagnosed, I started to cry, but not because I was upset that the doctor had agreed with my suspicions. I cried out of relief that someone finally saw what I saw, that someone finally believed me. […]