New Family Training Online

May 16, 2017 lg-admin

New Family Training Online course is offered to families (parents, grandparents, primary caregivers) of children with autism and related needs ages 3 through 18. This self-directed course enables families to access our online parent training completely free of charge at any time from the convenience of their own home. The online session takes approximately 60-minutes to complete, […]


Peers are a Necessity Not a Luxury for Children with Autism

May 10, 2017 lg-admin

At school this week during lunch break Jason approached an older boy. Attempting to initiate play with the boy, Jason asks, “Would you like to hear a song?” The older boy answers, “Yes”.  Jason proceeded to sing his song. The older boy tells him to stop. However, Jason has the kind of mind that autism. […]


Why Play Groups?

May 4, 2017 lg-admin


Julia is Old Hat to US

April 20, 2017 lg-admin

I must admit I have been avoiding watching ‘Julia’, the new puppet with autism on Sesame Street. You see Julia is old hat to us because for over the past 17 years we have been creating and delivering the Autism Demystification® Puppet Programs. During these years, I have seen a lot of “takes” on autism in […]


Free Autism Demystification Online Course for BC Communities

April 3, 2017 lg-admin

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Month, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society offers Free Autism Demystification Online Course for BC Communities. Friend 2 Friend will provide schools, school districts and other not for profit organizations our free BC Communities Capacity Program through our Autism Demystification Online Course. Each year Friend 2 Friend Social Learning […]


Go Beyond Awareness To Demystification

April 2, 2017 lg-admin

World Autism Awareness Day is not a special day in my life. In fact, it is just like every other day. This is because every day I work to encourage the world to go beyond awareness to demystification. When my child started school, I watched him suffer from social isolation in the school environment. Therefore, I […]


Friend 2 Friend Unveils Online Course on World Autism Day

March 31, 2017 lg-admin

FRIEND 2 FRIEND SOCIAL LEARNING SOCIETY Friend 2 Friend Unveils Online Course on World Autism Day March 31, 2017 News release – For Immediate Release Vancouver, BC – On April 2, BC-based Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society will unveil its new Autism Demystification Online Course to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. “For the past […]


Autism Demystification for Siblings Sake

March 30, 2017 lg-admin

After delivering the Autism Demystification® Puppet Program one day in a school in Vancouver, a little girl in Grade 2 quietly walked up to the lead guide. She said, “I really liked the puppets. I hope you can come back next year too.” The facilitator smiled at the girl and said she was glad that […]


Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old

March 22, 2017 lg-admin

This week I watched the memorized faces of four of our players as they watched our new, “You Don’t Know, Jack” Autism Demystification® puppet play video. The experience reminded me once again that Autism Demystification – Never Gets Old. “You Don’t Know, Jack” is the latest in our Autism Demystification® Puppet Programs. We just finished filming it […]


Free One-Day Review Autism Demystification Online Course

March 16, 2017 lg-admin

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day! Are you a professor or instructor at a post-secondary institute? Do you feel your students would benefit from learning about Autism Demystification? If so, you are invited to participate in a one-day course review free of charge. To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day  we are offering post-secondary instructors […]


Virtual Reality the Key to Friendships for Children with Autism

March 8, 2017 lg-admin

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Programs Changing the Game for children with autism and their peers. 18 months ago, I traveled to Seattle WA to visit Valve. Valve is a company that develops gaming software. I was fortunate enough to be invited to try out the Vive, at that time a new Virtual Reality system. I […]