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“I have had the privilege and honour to work with a fabulous group of people here at Friend 2 Friend Learning Society. It has been one of the most amazing learning experiences of my life, learning skills that I used in my day to day work at F2F, but also skills that I will use in other parts of my life and in future work experiences. The staff at F2F come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, are dedicated, professionals and overall great co-workers. This team of people work in a cooperative manner which all focus on the common goal of the children and their families. F2F leadership takes a hands-on approach getting to know each employee helping them to set specific skill-based goals based on their own personal development within the workplace. My heart will always be with the F2F team, their mission and the children and their families.” Andrea James, M.Ed. ECE

“Working as a Play Guide at Friend 2 Friend was a pivotal experience for me. I got to see firsthand the impact such a warm and accepting space had on the children. They often ran through the door of the Play Centre with great big smiles and ideas to share about what they wanted to play. Children I work with involved in a school program have continued to use their learned friendship skills, play, and demonstrate an understanding of classmates with differences many years past their participation in the group. Working with the team at Friend 2 Friend is an experience that should be accessible to all who work with children.” Jennifer Marshall, M.Ed., BCBA

“My time working as play guide with the Friend 2 Friend team was an incredibly fun and rewarding journey. I thought I knew what inclusion was until I came on board with the F2F team. I learned and saw first hand what true inclusion is at Friend 2 Friend. I feel very grateful to have received the hands-on training provided by the F2F team in their unique models. Throughout my time there, I was constantly learning and having a bunch of fun and at the same time. I thoroughly recommend this role to anyone with a passion for play and inclusion!” Lucy Kerman, B.A.OT