Autism Speaks Walk Sunday September 30th

Please join us for the Autism Speaks Canada Vancouver walk in Stanley Park. 

Starbucks Fundraiser Sunday September 23rd

Join us Sunday September 23rd at Starbucks 3410 Kingsway in Vancouver for a Friend 2 Friend Fundraiser 10am-1pm

Starbucks Fundraiser Saturday September 22nd

Join us on Satruday September 22nd between 8am and 1pm at the Starbucks at 29th and Lonsdale for a Friend 2 Friend Fundraising Event!


Play Centre Grand Opening

Don’t miss the grand opening of the Friend 2 Friend Play Centre for children with autism on Saturday Sept 29th 2-4pm


Integrated Play Groups Seminar Fall 2013

Please watch for our upcoming Integrated Play Groups seminar fall 2013. Hosted by Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society the seminar will provide participates with an opportunity to learn about the award-winning model from its creator Dr. Pamela Wolfberg.

Facilitator’s Workshop March 2013

Facilitator's Workshop

March 1-2, 2013

This Friend 2 Friend Facilitator's Workshop is a two-day workshop designed to support professionals and parents who wish to implement the Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification Package Programs (Can I Play Too? Autism Demystification Puppet Presentation Packaged Program" and "Demystifying Autism: The Friend 2 Friend Simulation Game Program)  at home and school.

Register online

For more information please contact our office

The Relationship Problem

Exceptional Family

Fall 2010
Look for our new article “The Relationship Problem: How to Foster Social Relationships between Individuals on the Autism Spectrum and Their Natural Peer Group.”

“The Secret is Out!”

Autism Aspergers Digest Magazine

January/February 2010
Look for our new article “The Secret is Out!”

Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Creating a Culture of Inclusion Through Peer Play and Friendships

2009 Friend 2 Friend Vancouver Conference

October 2-3, 2009
Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Creating a Culture of Inclusion Through Peer Play and Friendships

Presented by Pamela Wolfberg and Heather McCracken
SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC

This specialized two-day seminar is designed to prepare participants to carry out the practices of the Integrated Play Groups (IPG) model and related approaches for children and teens. The focus will be on designing and delivering Integrated Play Groups in school, home and community settings.

Bubbles Make Him Smile

Bubbles Make Him Smile
The Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society
… Now I must admit that I was a teeny bit skeptical when I heard that this presentation involved puppets, as I thought it would be too silly and that it may ruin the realization of autism by using fictional characters to explain it. But after watching the presentation, the way they simplified what autism was, the way they emphasized how we all have different kinds of minds, how they showcased excellent tips to being a friend to someone with autism, and the all together presentation, I honestly was quite impressed. I think the use of the puppets helped draw the attention of the children to the point that it wasn’t a ‘serious’ presentation, but rather a fun and interactive ‘learning without knowing you are learning’ presentation. I enjoyed it very much.

Making friends via autism demystification

Making friends via autism demystification
June 6, 2010: Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation
Making friends is a big challenge for children and teens with autism.
JR Tan and Bryan Lu, then in grade school in 2004, were coping well with academic requirements.
But they did not have friends.