Consultation Services

Learners on the autism spectrum_Consultation Services

With a focus of on education and training, our Consultation Services support schools, school districts, community organizations, and other inclusive settings to create and implement inclusive peer play and friendship programs for children with autism and their peers.

Consultation services are offered on a limited case-by-case basis worldwide in person or via Skype/email.

“Heather McCracken’s expert lens assists our play guides (all have attended Dr. Pamela Wolfberg’s introductory seminar) with the selection of expert players, designing IPG for the novice player, play materials and themes, as well as, ongoing supervision and guidance. The IPG consultation supervision services offered by Heather McCracken to Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School has been and continues to be invaluable to our team.”                       — Rosita Tam of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School

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