Early Childhood and the Autism Spectrum

Are you a parent, classroom educator, an early childhood educator, or other professional currently supporting a young child with autism in an inclusive preschool or daycare setting? Would you like to have a better understanding of autism, as well as current best practices in supporting children with autism in inclusive community settings?

Early Childhood and the Autism Spectrum

a half or full day seminar, design especially for those supporting children with autism or related needs ages 2 through 7. It provides participants with knowledge and tools to support the social-emotional and friendship needs of children with autism and their peers in the school or community setting.

Learning OutcomeWho should attend?
Identify the social, communication, emotional regulation, and play needs of young children with autism.Early Childhood Educators
Apply the principles of the Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification® model, to enhance social inclusion for children with autism in inclusive early childhood environments.Parents of children with autism ages 2 to 7
Examine Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society comprehensive Play Centre Programs for children with autism, their peers, and their families Other professionals supporting children with autism
How to create inclusive peer play activities for children ages 3 to 7


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