Giving Tuesday is All About Giving Time

November 21, 2017 lg-admin

The definition of “give” states: to freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone). While most of us think to give means to give money, it is only in the running of a charity that you truly understand the meaning of “give”. 

Giving Tuesday is All About Giving Time

Time is a most valuable thing we can give to anyone or anything. The Team at Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society knows all about the value of giving time.  That is because we spend a lot of time giving to the children with and without autism and families we support.

The Friend 2 Friend Team gives our time to:

Understand each unique individual child for who they are.

Know and understand each child’s affinity.

Create materials and play themes that are affinity based so that children are natural drawn to engage with them.

Assess each child’s unique needschallenges and gifts and then to design an individualized program for each child.

Support families not only in understanding our programs, but also ensuring they have resources they need from the community.

Ensure the Play Centres have materials that are engaging and fun to support the development of play and friendships.

Ensure the Play Centres are designed well, are clean and tidy making them a fun and safe place to play and make friends.

Find and build new Play Centre locations in an effort to meet the overwhelming demand for our unique peer play programs.

Create new programs to meet the need for our programs world-wide.

Train play guides to ensure the staff is well trained and able to provide programs.

Train others, around the world, who want to use our programs and models with children in their community.

And finally, we give our time to raise money. Money that ensures we have the time needed to support children with autism to play, make friends and feel accepted for who they are within their schools and communities.

Therefore, this year on Giving Tuesday November 28 regardless of which charity you give to, remember that Giving Tuesday is All About Giving Time.