Play Groups Programs

Our Play Groups programs offer evidence-based, individualized programs that focus on the social, communication, emotional regulation and peer play needs of all the children who participate.

Guided by highly trained professionals, the programs offer small, stable groups of no more than five children per group. The programs provide weekly individualized affinity-based play and child-led activities that focus on supporting peer social play and the development of friendships.

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Our Play Groups programs combine the award-winning Integrated Play Groups®, Autism Demystification®, and SCERTS® models.

Unlike social skills programs that focus on adult-directed remediation of social skill deficits, the Play Groups programs are child-led with a focus on guiding the learning and development of all the children while participating in mutually engaging social, peer play experiences.

The Friend 2 Friend Play Groups programs bring children in the true spirit of play and friendships.

Integrated Play Groups

“It is a profound privilege to partner with Heather McCracken and her fabulous team in delivering state-of-the-art programs that bring children together in the true spirit of play and friendship.” Pamela Wolfberg, PhD. 

The Integrated Play Groups® model was originated by Dr Pamela Wolfberg