Satellite Partnership Program

Building strong partnerships and strong communities through demystification.

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Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society Satellite Partnership Program
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society

Program Information

Program Overview

The satellite partnership program is a “train the trainer”  program providing participants with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and materials to implement our Autism Demystification® programs with the children and youths they serve in their community, province, or state. 

With a focus on building strong communities and partnerships between not for profits worldwide, our satellite partnership program works to support the social inclusion, peer play and friendships between children autism and their peers by provided individualized training and support to other not for profits.

Program Details

The satellite partnership program is a training, evaluation and ongoing support program individually designed to meet the needs of the organization requesting the program. A five-phase training and evaluation process where teams of five made of up professionals, para-professional and volunteers are endorsed as a satellite partner to deliver our Autism Demystification® Programs in their community, province or state.

The phase of the program are:

Phase 1:  Design 

Phase 2: Training

Phase 3: Field Testing

Phase 4: Evaluation

Phase 5: Endorsement

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Satellite Partnership program is to:

  1. Build strong partnerships with other not for profits worldwide,
  2. To build healthy, supportive and culturally sensitive communities worldwide,
  3. Build insight and empathy towards individuals with autism,
  4. Build understanding the critical elements for successful program delivery,
  5. Build capacity to apply the gilding principles of the model and the Society,
  6. Build capacity by preparing participants to deliver the Autism Demystification® programs to children ages 3 to 18

Program Registration

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society has taken measures to reduce the transmission of the virus by suspending the delivery of our in-personal Autism Demystification® Simulation Game Program at this time.

Please see our Online Autism Demystification® program

Learning Programs

 The Society provides a variety of seminars, conferences, professional development, and online courses. All learning opportunities focus on supporting social inclusion, peer play and friendships between children with autism and their peers.

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