Virtual Reality Autism Demystification

Using VR to change the world, one mind at a time.

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Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Program

Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Program

The Autism Demystification® programs are evidence-based, social-emotional, educational programs that focus on educating peer groups about autism, while at the same time, teaching prosocial communication strategies to enhance social inclusion and to reduce isolation and bullying. 

How Our Program Works

The Virtual Reality Autism Demystification Program is a unique and innovative
small group experience designed to provide students, coworkers, educators and parents with an VR experience to support the social inclusion of individuals with autism at home, work and in the community.

A team of highly trained professionals travel to your location to provide this experience and follow up presentation by invitation.

Service Fees 

Fees vary, please contact our office.

Autism Demystification Programs

 The Society creates and delivers a number of our signature Autism Demystification
program for children ages 3-18 and adults.

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